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Voices of Leaders partners with international event organisers and prestigious business outlets such as Time, Fortune, Newsweek, China Daily and British Airways media. They offer members exclusive exposure and access at a local, regional and international level, while providing unique and relevant content for members of the platform with the regular publication of multimedia eBooks.

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Kindcongress basically is a free worldwide service in order to advance the quality of Congress and seminars with the aim of expanding cultural science. The KindCongress Conference center Was Initiated in the Late 2016s For The Purpose of Notifying The Most Reliable Scientific Conferences, Seminars, and Congresses. KindCongress Site Has Been Implemented To Give Quick Access To Users For All Conferences. Conferences and Information Displayed on This Center Will Be Displayed Individually and Independently on This Site So That People Who Can Search for the Conference to Present Articles or Participate in it Can Easily Use its Services.

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Evensi is a search engine dedicated to geo-located events. The most relevant events are recommended according to location and interests. Evensi uses an automated semantic algorithm which extracts and evaluates every single event. This feature, along with Facebook integration, has allowed us to create one of the largest databases in the world with more than 10 million events. Discover new events by browsing on the map or let yourself be guided by your own customised dashboard, which suggests the events that are most relevant due to their geographical vicinity and personal interest.

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Pharma Focus Asia is a quarterly publication from Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd. It is the leading pharma title in print and digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Pharma Focus Asia covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the pharma industry across Asia and rest of the world.

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PaperCrowd is a free, community-driven, directory of academic conferences. Organisers use PaperCrowd to find new researchers for their event. Researchers use PaperCrowd to find new conferences they wish to attend. We started as researchers and have been working with the research community since 2008. Our Ex Ordo online academic conference management system is used in 12 of the‚Äč Top 20 universities in the world and in over 56 countries.

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Chemistry2011 is an informational resource for students, educators and the self-taught in the field of chemistry. We offer resources such as course materials, chemistry department listings, activities, events, projects and more along with current news releases.The history of the domain extends back to 2008 when it was selected to be used as the host domain for the International Year of Chemistry 2011 as designated by UNESCO and as an initiative of IUPAC that celebrated the achievements of chemistry.

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Eventful is an online calendar and events discovery service owned by Entercom. The service allows users to search for and track upcoming entertainment events in their area such as concerts, festivals, and film presentations involving specific performers, indicate and share their intent to attend certain events, and indicate their "demand" for certain acts to appear in their region.

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With a wide database of conferences around the world, allows you to search for international conferences and add your own events. Our service is intended to inform the community of relevant events and assist organizers, providing convenience for both interested participants and the people and organizations behind the events.

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The world best international conference search engine. We provide the largest conference database at the most attractive cities around the world.

Medicinal Chemistry SymposiumBioorganic Medicinal Chemistry | Applied Medicinal Chemistry, let you gain access to all the forthcoming conferences across the world from a single source.

GoEventz is your go-to event portal for all the conferences, rock concerts, festivals, fundraisers, exhibitions, trade fairs and other events happening around the world, every day, 365 days of the year! Whether you are an organizer or a participant, this is where you can meet the community, grow professionally, freak out about the latest events and create your next great event experience.

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Events online listing platform. Venues online listing platform. Digital marketing services for events promotion, venues promotion and other event related service offerings. Events online listing platform. Venues online listing platform. Digital marketing services for events promotion, venues promotion and other event related service offerings. Listing free and paid events is completely free. Lowest ticket process fee for any paid events listing. Also, digital marketing services for event promotion and venue promotion are on offer with very competitive pricing.

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With 15 years of international experience in the field, we have learned how to make the presence of every person count. We turn meetings into a memorable and impactful experience. From planning to presenting, Evenium technology augments your talents, to achieve your business objectives with ease and success.

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